Jesper LundI’m a senior researcher from Halmstad University, focusing on humanity-centered and collaborative digital design and innovation. In my research, I’ve mainly worked with topics related to living labs, user studies, and the design and evaluation of digitally infused products and services. I’m currently primarily working within the area of digital innovation and smart cities and communities with a specific focus on future mobility. A colleague and I work as task and work package leaders responsible for supporting the setup and operation of the living labs in the twinning cities as well as planning the evaluation and impact assessment of the SPINE solutions.

Our colleagues at the University of the Aegean contacted us to be involved in SPINE based on our earlier experiences in living labs and future mobility research.

SPINE provides exciting research opportunities to study humanity-centered design, living labs, and future mobility. SPINE also strengthens our existing network of European city stakeholders and industrial and academic actors interested in future mobility.

Halmstad University is primarily involved in the living labs setup and operation of the twinning cities and the continuous evaluation and impact assessment of the SPINE solutions.

We hope that we have successfully supported the project to achieve its goal and, at the same time, generated new empirical examples of how to orchestrate living labs in ways that address complex challenges, such as designing and implementing future mobility solutions leveraging sustainable societal, business, and citizen values.