Ľuboš SlebodníkMy name is Ľuboš Slebodník, and I work for Municipality of Žilina as a mobility coordinator.

I’m  responsible for development of mobility in Žilina. I prepare vision of higher mobility level and propose measures to reach the goals that are elaborated in strategic documents. Main goal is to have a balanced of modal split. I implement all measures related in mobility development and I take care of operation of it during the entire period.

In SPINE project I am project manager who coordinates the measures and activities of the projects with other team members. I communicate all steps with our partners in Žilina (for example Transport company of Žilina city, University of Žilina) and prepare everything necessary.

City was approached by the University of Žilina to participate in this project as the creator of the Living lab. Public transport is the main transport system in Žilina, and this is the main reason to join this project to improve conditions for passengers.

As I already mentioned, public transport is a key form of transport in the city, and we have invested a lot of money in modernizing it and increasing its attractiveness. There is a new rolling stock, a priority system, a tariff system, and a project to modernize the rolling stock, passenger information system, bus stops, etc. is currently being implemented. These tough measures are only one part of the modernization of the transport system. Now we need to improve the passenger system as soft measures. These are tools for passengers to learn about the capabilities of the system as a service. We also have to inform them about problems in transport, delays, arrival of buses in real time, traffic jams and also the possibilities of using alternative means of transport such as bike sharing. We do not have a functional journey planning system, which is one of the essential tools for citizens. The complex system of public transport must also be connected to individual car traffic in order to reduce it through the parking policy. The SPINE project makes it possible to create these tools in order to improve the transport system. And there we see the added value of the project.

Žilina is a learning city in the project. It should draw inspiration from advanced cities based on experience and set a new approach to the development of activities. Žilina will create a living laboratory that implements improvement measures to achieve the main goal.

Offer citizens functional intelligent tools to support and use public transport. At the same time, we want public transport to be promoted more as an ecological element of the transport system. We hope that this will contribute to a higher use of public transport in the city of Žilina.