“Streets for Life” – lower speed limits and better public transport

  • 04.04.2024
  • online

Preambule: A better urban transport has the potential to improve public health, and to support climate actions. Lower speed limits are at the core of this improvement. SPINE and UPPER projects work with 21 cities across Europe to contribute to these important goals. Four Italian and French cities will present to you their efforts in addressing the congestion through limiting the speed limits and investing in innovative public transport schemes. Join us in sharing valuable insights of how to improve our streets, to improve our lives.

When: 4th of April, online

Duration: 1.5 hrs – 11.30 – 13.00 CET

Why: Second webinar in the SPINE/UPPER webinar series

Registration: registration link

Introduction and objectives:  As urban areas continue to face the challenges of congestion, pollution, cycling and pedestrian safety, finding effective solutions to enhance the quality of life in cities has become crucial. One of the most pressing issues we need to address is speeding and its detrimental impact on our city streets.

In this webinar, we will delve into the concept of “Speed Kills” and explore the reasons why traffic calming measures, particularly the implementation of 30km/h zones, are essential in transforming our cities into safer and livable spaces for all residents. We will delve into the various aspects of traffic calming, including its benefits, challenges, and successful implementations from 4 cities within our two sisters projects.

Join us as we hear from Bologna, Versailles – Grand Parc, Rome and Rouen renowned experts in urban planning, transportation engineering, and public safety who will share their insights, research, and practical experiences on how slowing down traffic can significantly contribute to a better urban environment. Together, we will explore the positive impacts of traffic calming, such as reduced accidents, increased walking and cycling, enhanced community cohesion, and improved air quality.

Whether you are a concerned citizen, urban planner, policy-maker, or a transportation professional, this webinar will provide an invaluable platform for knowledge-sharing, inspiration, and constructive discussions on how we can collaboratively make our cities safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Let’s come together with a shared vision and determination to address the issue of speeding and implement effective strategies for traffic calming in our cities. Join us for this enlightening webinar and be a part of the positive change we need for a better urban future.

Target audience

  • Local authorities, policy makers and urban planners to know new innovative mobility calming traffic measures implemented in other cities and regions.
  • Mobility mobility operators and last mile delivery companies that want to learn from first hand traffic calming solutions implemented in the cities.
  • Citizens and local NGO’s


Time Presentation Speaker
11.30-11.35h Welcome and brief introduction to SPINE and UPPER projects and cities Moderator
Lucia Cristea – EIP
11.35-12.15h How to improve traffic calming in a city?
Rome & Bologna
Deputy Mayor of Bologna – Valentina Orioli

Rome – Fabrizio Benvenuti

12.15 -12.55h How to improve traffic calming in a city?
Versailles Gran Parc & Rouen
Representative from Rouen: Werner Kutil (Cityway)

Versailles Gran Parc – Nawelle Nurmukhamedov

12.55-13.00h Conclusions and end of the event Moderator
Lucia Cristea – EIP