News Flash: AIMSUN Highlights SPINE Project’s Innovations in Recent LinkedIn Article

In a recent LinkedIn article, AIMSUN, a key partner in our Horizon Europe project SPINE, has delved into the groundbreaking advancements of the SPINE initiative. The article sheds light on how SPINE aims to accelerate progress towards climate neutrality by integrating public transport with new mobility services.

As a crucial contributor to the SPINE project, AIMSUN’s article emphasizes the role of Living Labs in 11 cities, serving as crucibles for co-creating, developing, and adopting innovative mobility solutions. These solutions include multimodal hubs, journey planners, inclusive services, and citizen apps, all aimed at enhancing access to public transport while ensuring sustainability and resilience.

A unique aspect highlighted in the article is SPINE’s proactive approach to mitigate potential challenges. AIMSUN, in collaboration with partners like the University of the Aegean, MobyX, and cambiaMO | changing mobility, is actively developing simulation models within a digital impact assessment framework. This allows the Living Labs to virtually assess the impact of SPINE’s solutions before their physical implementation, offering insights through what-if analyses.

For a comprehensive exploration of AIMSUN’s insights into the SPINE project and its contributions to shaping the future of sustainable urban transport, the full article can be found on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more updates on SPINE’s journey towards climate neutrality and improved accessibility.

Link to AIMSUN’s LinkedIn article on SPINE