Bologna Introduces the SPINE Project to Local Public Transport Operators

On September 14th, the Bologna SPINE team convened with key stakeholders from the Living Lab, including local transport operators and institutions, to mark the official commencement of local SPINE initiatives. This collaborative event was jointly organized by local project partners, the City of Bologna, and SRM Società Reti e Mobilità.

The primary objective of this gathering was to actively engage stakeholders in local SPINE activities. It represented a pivotal moment for the Bologna Living Lab to foster collaboration with vital contributors who will play a crucial role in developing solutions and ensuring the effectiveness of local SPINE actions.

During the event, the Bologna team introduced the project’s overarching framework and objectives, delving into the specific solutions slated for local implementation. A total of 31 participants from 17 diverse organizations specializing in mobility actively took part in the proceedings. This inclusive assembly encompassed local transport operators, sharing mobility service providers, and institutional bodies, all of whom demonstrated keen interest. They not only shared their perspectives but also offered resources and identified potential challenges, enriching the discussion with valuable insights.

Subsequent to the meeting, the Bologna SPINE team is diligently crafting a technical document to be shared with participants. This document will serve as a foundation for collecting and processing essential technical details essential for the development of SPINE solutions in Bologna. Furthermore, tailored workshops will be organized as needed to facilitate the progression and implementation of various solutions.