Armando Carrillo Zanuy I am Armando Carrillo Zanuy, Secretary General of EURNEX the European Rail Research Network of Excellence, an association of Rail Research Academics. Within SPINE I will be responsible for stakeholder interaction through dedicated workshops specifically in the Antwerp Living Lab.

EURNEX has been invited into SPINE through consultation with all partners. We are excited for this path that the consortium will take, as both SPINE priorities and EURNEX status aim to push forward research on green mobility for sustainable cities.

Active participation in SPINE activities will provide several benefits to EURNEX. On the one hand, SPINE will allow EURNEX to introduce a railway system perspective to smart green cities planning within the project Living Labs. On the other hand, it will allow the association to grow its network of international partners engaged in sustainable mobility research activities.

EURNEX will allow active interaction between SPINE consortium and the railway research system. In addition, EURNEX will be active especially in the Antwerp Living Lab to help redefining the city mobility system in according to all involved stakeholders through workshops and co-creation processes.

Our vision is to ensure the creation of a green mobility paradigm in SPINE cities revolving around public transportation, where railway passenger transport can play a crucial role. We would like to help provide tangible results for the citizens of the SPINE cities, as well as to other cities which will uptake the SPINE innovations.