SRM is the local Authority for Public Transport in Bologna area; it was founded in 2003 by the Municipality and the Province of Bologna and is a Public Equivalent Body established as limited company (whose capital is entirely public). SRM performs the following activities:

  • management and promotion of initiatives focused on increasing the diffusion and the valorisation of local public transport;
  • management of the infrastructures serving the local public transport service;
  • planning, organisation and promotion of integrated public transport service and private mobility.

SRM is a member of CIVITAS, POLIS Network and UITP OA (Organising Authorities) Committee. SRM has been involved in several European projects since its foundation, including research project on transport issues (under FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020) and INTERREG projects, also acting as Coordinator / Lead Partner.

SRM, as a Public Transport Authority, plays a very important role as a key stakeholder, linking municipalities, transport operators and transport researchers, giving to decision makers support for planning, awarding, monitoring and evaluating the transport service and its nodes, focusing on passengers’ perspectives, having always in mind to encourage the shift from individual motorised to collective transport or to more sustainable ones. SRM is very committed in governance issues and manages four service contracts related to:

  • Public Transport in the Metropolitan area of Bologna
  • Parking in Bologna
  • Bike Sharing in Bologna
  • Car Sharing in Bologna.

SRM was involved in SPINE by the Municipality of Bologna, on the basis of its role as Agency for the Public Transport in the whole metropolitan city.

As Public Transport Authority, SRM takes care of increasing the quality and the use of local public transport and of improving the quality of the infrastructures serving the it. Furthermore, SRM aims to establish a fully integrated public transport system targeting the adoption of the MaaS logic in its area of competence.

Based on that, SRM will exploit the experience and knowledge got and developed through / it SPINE mainly for establishing the conditions towards a full undertaking of the MaaS in the Bologna metropolitan area / city.

Also, SRM aims at stimulating a wider participatory planning process of public transport, with the final aim of boosting its use in Bologna.

In the SPINE project, SRM mainly collaborates with the Municipality of Bologna to design and implement the Bologna LL activities, supporting the planning and coordinating the technical aspects of the LL.

The Bologna metropolitan city faces daily a number of traffic problems that SRM has tackled since its establishment. Among them, there are traffic congestion, lack of sustainable transport options covering the whole metropolitan area, lack of integrated ticketing and coordinated public transport option approach. As a result of the problems, Public Transport is underused, with consequent major use of private cars, which – on its turn – contributes to air pollution and to congest the city centre that is a mediaeval one and contains cultural heritage / buildings that are damaged by intense traffic.

By joining the SPINE project, SRM aims at contribute solving the mentioned problems, and is especially that mitigating (if not solving) the lack of an integrated approach in public transport planning / design / implementation (including ticketing) / evaluation would help reducing traffic congestion and increasing public transport sustainability and use.

In general terms, SRM collaborates with the Municipality of Bologna in achieving the LL goals that are already listed in the DoW:

  • increase Public Transport ridership by 30%,
  • improve user satisfaction by more than 25%,
  • reduce n. of most polluting cars in city area by 100%,
  • reduce CO2 emissions more than 20%.