Manon RaapMy name is Dr. Manon Raap, I am a data scientist and have the role of senior key expert in the area of artificial intelligence for customer traffic solutions within Yunex Traffic. My role in SPINE is that of project manager and lead data scientist.

My department, the Yunex Traffic Digital Lab, is tasked with identifying and prototyping innovative approaches, to prepare the company for disruption from new technologies.  We have a particular focus on public transport and shared mobility disruption, so the SPINE effort was a natural opportunity for us to collaborate with forward-thinking cities that want to implement novel solutions.

SPINE is especially relevant for Yunex Traffic because of the co-creation process with multiple cities and the possibility to test and further improve our solutions.

Yunex Traffic is a technical partner aiming to develop and provide tools and algorithms to serve the SPINE Living Labs’ ambitions of increasing the use of public transport. Our solutions are e.g. a tool to analyze and monitor the quality of a green wave for buses and trams at signalized intersections and an algorithm for finding optimal bus routes in on-demand hyper-local mobility sharing solutions.

Ideally, our solutions are successfully implemented in the SPINE Living Labs and partner cities and are ready be rolled out to cities all over Europe, further increasing the attractiveness of public transport to make the roads greener and cities more liveable.