Rouen Normandy Metropolis MaaS Service Approaches Advanced Specification Milestone

The Rouen Normandy Metropolis is making significant strides in its Mobility as a Service (MaaS) project, with CITIWAY leading an ambitious implementation. The goal is to reach a milestone of advanced specifications that will revolutionize how citizens commute within the region.

CITIWAY‘s planned functionalities encompass several key aspects, designed to enhance the transportation experience and environmental sustainability.

Standardization of APIs: CITIWAY is working on creating uniform interfaces for different components of the MaaS system. Standardized APIs will ensure seamless communication and effective integration between various transportation services and platforms.

Improvement of Passenger Information: The initiative includes enhancing passenger information services, providing real-time updates on transportation options, schedules, and other relevant details. Users will have access to accurate and timely information to plan their journeys efficiently.

Management of Off-Street Parking Lots: The MaaS service will integrate features for managing off-street parking lots. This could include digital solutions for parking space reservations, payments, and real-time availability updates, simplifying the parking experience for users.

Integration and Bypassing of Low-Emission Zones: The integration of low-emission zones into journey planning reflects a commitment to environmental sustainability. The MaaS service may provide routes that bypass or consider low-emission zones, encouraging eco-friendly transportation choices.

Dedicated Features for Ridesharing: The inclusion of features specific to ridesharing indicates a focus on shared mobility. This might involve integrated ridesharing options within the MaaS platform, making it easier for users to find and utilize shared transportation services.

On-Demand Transport Services: The MaaS initiative seems to incorporate on-demand transport services. This could include the ability to request and schedule transportation services dynamically based on user preferences and real-time demand.

Overall, the described functionalities suggest a comprehensive approach to MaaS, combining convenience, sustainability, and a diverse range of transportation options for users in the Rouen Normandy Metropolis. The achievement of the advanced specifications milestone marks significant progress toward a more sophisticated and integrated MaaS system.