Valladolid Earns EU Mission Label for Climate-Neutrality Commitment

Brussels, Belgium  – Today marks a significant milestone for Valladolid as it is recognized among the ten European cities awarded the prestigious EU Mission Label for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities. This label, bestowed by the European Commission, is a testament to the city’s unwavering commitment to achieving climate-neutrality by 2030 and paves the way for enhanced access to public and private funding dedicated to this ambitious goal.

The EU Mission Label was presented to cities that successfully developed Climate City Contracts, outlining their comprehensive vision for climate neutrality, including an action plan and an investment strategy. Importantly, these contracts were co-created with local stakeholders, fostering inclusive participation from the private sector and citizens alike. A panel of experts, including representatives from the European Investment Bank and the Joint Research Centre, reviewed the contracts and awarded the EU Mission Label to those that demonstrated a robust commitment and readiness to accelerate their journey toward climate-neutrality.

Valladolid joins the distinguished ranks of cities such as Sønderborg (Denmark), Mannheim (Germany), Madrid, Valencia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zaragoza (Spain), Klagenfurt (Austria), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), and Stockholm (Sweden). These cities are trailblazers, inspiring others to embark on a faster path toward a greener and more inclusive transition.

With more than 70% of global CO₂ emissions originating from urban areas, cities’ actions are pivotal in climate mitigation. Achieving climate neutrality by 2030 is a vital component of the European Green Deal, which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, and ultimately reach climate-neutrality across the EU by 2050.

As a part of the EU Cities Mission, Valladolid and the other awarded cities can now utilize the EU Mission Label to bolster their climate-neutrality plans, especially when seeking public and private funding. The European Commission, through the Mission Platform, will provide ongoing support, including financial assistance and guidance, to ensure the effective implementation of the Climate City Contracts.

These ten visionary cities are setting an example for a greener and more sustainable future for all of Europe. They exemplify the power of inclusive co-creation and policy development at the local level.

The journey towards climate-neutrality is just beginning, and Valladolid is at the forefront, driving forward a fair green and digital transition. This historic achievement propels Valladolid to continue leading the way in the pursuit of a sustainable and climate-neutral future.

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Note: The EU Cities Mission is one of five missions under Horizon Europe, focusing on solutions to pressing societal challenges, including climate change adaptation, cancer research, ocean and waters, and soil management. The European Commission has also proposed launching a New European Bauhaus mission to further address these challenges.